14,000,000 kg of snow to be removed from Yekaterinburg streets every day

January 21, 2014. Head of Yekaterinburg Administration Alexander Yakob asked the road-cleaning services to focus on the removal of snow that was swept off the streets and put into huge piles. Every district is expected to deliver at least 2,000,000 kg of snow to special snow disposal dumps every day, the Administration’s press service reports.

In addition, Alexander Yakob asked that special attention should be paid to clearing the snow off auxiliary driveways and passages that make it easy to ender the yards.

Now the long and heavy snowfalls that started on Friday night made the road situation really difficult at the weekend. On Saturday and Sunday, hundreds of vehicles and road workers kept cleaning the streets. The focus was made on the automobile roads, pressing the snow into more compact heaps, and cleaning the pavements, zebra crossings, and bus stops. At the same time, the cleaned areas were sprinkled with fine broken stone and a deicing agent, which helped to prevent the formation of the snowy build-up on the roads.

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