11m RUR mill arrives at Uralvagonzavod's head plant

13 December 2013 (10:40)

December 13, 2013. The assembly of the 65А90F1-11 mill-drill-bore machine is about to be completed at Foundry Department 3 of Uralvagonzavod Scientific & Production Corporation's head plant. The machine costs 11m RUR, the corporation's press service reports.

'The 65А90F1-11 machine was manufactured in Russia and is meant for the primary processing of die tooling and for repair and manufacturing of new parts for the press-forging plant. Uralvagonzavod's Foundry Department 3 makes spare parts and joints for the carriage-making and mechanical assembly facilities, and 95% of all the fittings are produced right here. Following the assembly and start-up and commissioning jobs, the new 65А90F1-11 machine will join the existing fleet of mills in operation. No additional personnel training is necessary to start using the machine. There are already two, somewhat more complicated, counterparts operating in the department already,' the press service says.

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