Urban Transport Solutions presents model carriage for Moscow Underground

13 January 2014 (09:47)

January 13, 2014. Urban Transport Solutions/UTS, a member enterprise of Sinara Transport Machiens (Russia) and CAF Group (Spain) presented its new development – a prototype of a new carriage for Moscow Underground – at the 20th pavilion of the All-Russian Exhibition Center in Mocsow, Sinara Group’s PR Center reports.

The new underground train can have 4 to 8 carriages attached to it and will be able to travel at up to 100 km/h; its passenger capacity is also very impressive. The carriages are provided with convenient exits, including those for people with disabilities. Interior navigation and gangways between the carriages will mean passengers will be able to shift easily within the train. The interior design includes air conditioning, CCTV cameras, fire detectors and fire-fighting devices. The module-type assembly will ensure easy maintenance. The expected lifespan of this train is estimated at twenty years.

According to UTS Director-General Yuri Osintsev, all the features and design elements will be adjusted to fit the passengers’ needs.

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