Car sales in Yekaterinburg drop 8% in 11 months

25 December 2013 (09:49)

December 25, 2013. 85,685 new passenger vehicles were sold in Yekaterinburg in January-November 2013, which was 8%, or 5,956 cars less than a year earlier, Auto-Dealer-Yekaterinburg reports.

In November, 8,187 automobiles were sold on Yekaterinburg market, which was 2%, or 156 automobiles more than in November 2012. The last time the local car market increased within the course of one month was in February 2013. After this, sales kept gradually going down for eight months in a row.

'More than 93,000 cars will have been sold in Yekaterinburg by the end of the year, and the dip in sales will amount to about 7%. The preferential car loan program did not boost market growth, but it did prevent it from sagging further down. On the one hand, the program did not improve the sales of Lada, which was the original plan, but on the other hand, the program helped KIA and Hyundai, which are now investing in car factories in Russia, make it to the top three best-selling foreign cars,' says Director of Auto-Dealer-Yekaterinburg Mikhail Chaplygin.

Yekaterinburg's share in the national sales of passenger and light commercial vehicles was 3.4% in the eleven months of 2013.

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