Industrial park might be set up at Uralmashzavod

November 19, 2013. Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Evgeny Kuivashev asked the management of The Mid-Urals Development Corporation to look into ways of setting up an industrial park on the premises of Uralmashzavod’s former foundry production facility, UrBC reporter learned at Sverdlovsk Region Investment Committee meeting.

The idea to set up the part was proposed by UMMC Director General Andrei Kozitsin.
‘Half of their plant stands empty, there is water and electricity supply, so why build something somewhere from scratch? There are no funds in the budget to cover for this,’ the head of UMMC said.

Kuivashev agreed to Kozitsin’s proposal but pointed out that investors were generally reluctant to invest in old industrial sites.

The fact that the owner of Uralmashzavod was planning on moving some of its production facilities to another site was announced in early November. The old buildings that used to house the facilities are expected to be pulled down.

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