Evgeny Kuivashev to Chair KRSU BOD

16 November 2012 (10:04)

November 16, 2012. Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Evgeny Kuivashev is to chair the Mid-Urals Development Corporation (KRSU) BOD, he announced at the Sverdlovsk Region Investment Committee meeting today.

‘KRSU is now facing some very daring challenges and need a powerful lobbyist. It would only make sense if the Governor chaired it,’ said the current Chairman Alexei Bagaryakov.

‘Unless there is a legal obstacle to this, I intend to chair the Board of Directors,’ Kuivashev said.

KRSU is to solve the problem of kindergartens shortage in the region; this will be done with the help of borrowed funds before 2016, as the existing program does not allow for eliminating the problem any earlier. Besides, the corporation is to work on the creation of industrial parks and to attract more investments into the region. At the moment, the corporation is not meeting the goals for which it was set, says Chairman of Business Russia’s Sverdlovsk Region division Boris Zyranov.

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