Sergey Sulimov appointed MMK Deputy DG for Financ & Economics

October 31, 2013. Sergey Sulimov, former BOD Chairman of Svyaznoy Bank, assumed office as Deputy Director-General of Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) for Finance & Economics, the company reports. Sulimov actually used to hold some managerial positions in the company before – he was MMK Management Company’s Counsel to the President, MMK Group Deputy DG for Joint Stock Companies Management, and acting DG of MMK’s foreign asset, MMK Metalurji (based in Turkey).

‘Sergey Sulimov’s new appointment is quite welcome. This is not the first year MMK has been letting its top managers get key posts in other companies from adjacent or perhaps completely non-metallurgical sectors for some time, since the additional experience and competence they acquire in this way really contribute to their enhanced professional efficiency when they come back as MMK top managers.

‘Coming back to MMK is both a great honor and a formidable professional challenge for me. MMK management expects me to ensure an innovative approach to both the company’s operational efficiency and its strategy aimed at increasing the business’s worth – all that under the uncertain market dynamics. I will deal directly with the following: economics, finance, accounting, and IT, and I am planning to start my work from upgrading these,’ Sulimov said.

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