Three of Koltso Urala’s branches celebrate their birthdays this week

14 November 2013 (09:17)

November 14, 2013. This week, three of Koltso Urala’s branches are celebrating their birthdays: Krasnobrodsky and Novokuznetsky near Kemerovo, and a branch in Surgut. Their ‘consolidated age’ is now ten, the bank’s press service reports.

The bank’s branch in the north of Surgut welcomed its first customers on November 12, 2010. For three years, its employees have been working hand in hand with the local residents and get thank-you letters and win professional skills contests all the time.

The branch Director Larissa Bogdanova says the secret of their success lies in their team spirit and proactive attitude. ‘We work on all the projects and solve all the problems together,’ she says.

Krasnobrodsky branch’s birthday is on November 13; it was opened in 2010.Starting from the early morning, the employees of this Siberian office get congratulated and look back on their achievements over these years.

‘The branch of the then small and little known bank was set up in the very outburst of the recession and yet proved Urals-strong from the very beginning and quickly made friends with and became partners with the local residents and businesspeople, including the town’s primary employer, Krasnobrodsky Coal Mine,’ the branch employees point out.

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