ChTZ signs contract to deliver bulldozers to Vietnam

28 October 2013 (16:29)

October 28, 2013. One of Vietnam’s Defense Ministry divisions in Hanoi is going to receive a B12 bulldozer produced at ChTZ (one of Uralvagonzavod Scientific & Production Corporation’s member enterprises). The delivery contract was signed with some support from the plant’s sales intermediary, Nga Fat, and resulted from a tender, the corporation’s press service reports.

Nga Fat is the company’s second official dealer in Vietnam. The dealer used to buy spare parts from the Chelyabinsk plant on a regular basis, and a few years ago it started selling its tractors on the local market as well. The firm’s director now intends both to sell the new Chelyabinsk vehicles to private and public organizations and to operate the vehicles within its own projects on rubber plantations development. The dealer already operates a repairs depot and has accumulated some O & M experience in the course of doing business with ChTZ.

Nga Fat won another tender recently, a tender for the delivery of one B10M bulldozer to a building company. The Vietnamese military were initially going to buy the same make, but the dealer convinced them that buying a more powerful and more productive B12 in the greater drawing category would be more expedient.

Both bulldozers will be assembled in late October and shipped to Vietnam’s Hai Phong through Saint Petersburg, the Atlantic, the Suez Channgel, and the Indian Ocean in November.

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