Russian Chrome 1915 halts acids & formaldehyde warehouse for 90 days

25 October 2013 (10:01)

October 25, 2013. Court officers imposed a 90-day ban on all the operations in the acids and formaldehyde warehouse of Russian Chrome 1915 because of grave industrial safety violations, says the spokesperson for Sverdlosvk Region division of the Federal Service of Court Officers.

The scheduled inspection of the enterprise by the head of the Ural division of Rostechnadzor for Chemical Industry Surveillance revealed numerous violations of industrial safety regulations. For one, the pump station is actually in total disrepair, is full of see-through cracks, brick wall and roof defects; there is no emergency venting for handling acid fumes; the acid tanks and industrial pipelines have been in operation for over ten years now, and so on.

Russian Chrome 1915, on its part, feels Rostechnadzor's decision is unfounded and is going to take the case to Sverdlovsk Region Arbitration Court.

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