Uralvagonzavod takes part in All-Russian Civil Defense Drill

7 October 2013 (09:29)

October 7, 2013. Uralvagonzavod took part in the 2nd All-Russian Civil Defense Drill called ‘Civil Defense Measures in Wartime Regime and Emergencies’ today. The drill was initiated by Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev, the enterprise’s press service reports.

At 6 AM, the teams of Nizhniy Tagil were called to assemble at a meeting point, and tasks were set out at 8 AM. It was explained in the introductory lecture that a number of terrorist attacks were possible. The teams were ordered to make sure the local population can be protected. A protective shelter was thus installed at Uralvagonzavod’s repair and mechanical assembly department 2. The city council representatives checked the shelter was fully functional and had supplies of water, fuel, electricity, and other vital things. Special attention was paid to medical supplies and staff and on preparing rescue teams to survey the area.

The council representatives also looked at the work of a back-up control unit of Dzerzhisnky District’s Head of Administration, located in the plant’s Palace of Culture. The committee members saw that the unit was fully prepared for hosting evacuated people. The unit has everything needed for an independent life support facility, including a diesel power generating unit. The committee also checked that the unit has enough individual protective supplies, medical supplies, medicines, and many other things.

The committee’s conclusion was that all of Uralvagonzavod’s civil defense units and facilities are fully prepared for emergencies.

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