Yekaterinburg water supplier reconstructs collector under the River Iset

September 13, 2013. Yekaterinburg Vodokanal (the municipal water supply company) used the latest technologies to reconstruct the two-section underwater collector under the River Iset, the city council’s press service reports.

Two branches of the sewerage network, with the diameters of 1,000mm and 296m long, were built under the water in 1996. The next seventeen years left the branches totally worn out and therefore the environmental safety of the River Iset was put in jeopardy.

A tender held to select the renovator for the collector resulted in choosing a Danish manufacturer that delivered a polymeric ‘sleeve’ onto the bank of the river. A special conveyor belt was used to install the sleeve into the collector input chamber at the local boat rank and then inside the repaired pipes.

After this, the Danish experts pushed the polymeric ‘sleeve’ inside the pipes from one bank of the river to the other one. The walls of this ‘sleeve’, soaked in epoxy resin, were thickened with the help of flushing them first with hot and then with cold water, thus creating ‘a pipe inside a pipe’. It took them two days to renovate the two-section underwater collector. Under the warranty terms, this technology ensures at least fifty years of unfailing performance of the upgraded collector.

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