Dmitri Nozhenko: Economic situation in Sverdlovsk Region is stable

August 29, 2013. Sverdlovsk Region Economics Minister Dmitri Nozhenko said the economic situation in Sverdlovsk Region was overall stable, though he did admit some sectors were stagnating and no necessary growth was to be seen. He said this at a press conference in Yekaterinburg today.

‘I would say the situation is stable on the whole. While this might be true that we are not experiencing the kind of growth we would like to see, and some sectors are stagnating, still, I wouldn’t say this was anything to really worry about,’ the Minister said.

Now the Region’s Finance Minister Galina Kulachenko pointed out yesterday that the budget inflow was not very good, and insisted on the government deciding upon the priority expense items. The financing of the less important things was to be cut down upon, she said.

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