MegaFon Ural gets new IT Director

8 August 2013 (10:50)

August 8, 2013. Ilya Dmitriyev was appointed MegaFon Ural's IT Director. The company's press service says that the former IT Director Anna Belosheikina became Head of MegaFon Ural's Sverdlovsk Region division in May 2013.

MegaFon Ural Director Valeriy Velichko says IT technologies are becoming increasingly more important in the telecommunications sector; not only are they responsible for the uninterrupted accessibility of corporate systems and applications, but they also make an impact on business results and the company's success on the whole.

'The reliability and speediness of MegaFon's information and billing system, for instance, directly affects the comfort and quality of service and accuracy of calculations for our customers, as this system contains data on billions of phone calls and customer services,' he says.

'In my new position, I intend to focus on setting up IT competences centers in the Urals that will control the key business processes at MegaFon, keep the quality of the IT services offered at an outstanding level, launch innovative technologies, and react quickly to the new trends in the mobile communication and fast Internet traffic sector,' says MegaFon Ural's IT Director Ilya Dmitriyev.

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