TMK, Gazprom Neft sign R&D cooperation program

June 26, 2013. Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK) and Gazprom Neft signed a joint scientific and technological cooperation program for 2013-2015. The program aims to provide the oil company with highly competitive, home-produced pipe products with enhanced technological and economic properties, TMK press service reports.

TMK has been cooperating with Gazprom Neft for a long time by supplying pipe casing, pipeline components, and oil well tubing for oil production and transportation, including pipes with premium thread joints. The two parties’ further cooperation that was reflected in the program takes into account the oil company’s pressing needs: Gazprom Neft is currently developing oil deposits in harsh geological and climatic conditions.

This joint program means Gazprom Neft is going to provide the basic technical requirements aimed at enhancing the efficiency of starting and developing a deposit. TMK will take these into account, will conduct scientific research and do the design work with some help from RosNITI and the company’s U.S.-based Science & Technology Center in Houston, will come up with the technical solutions for goods production and delivery and will offer to conduct pilot tests.

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