BIE Delegation Estimates Yekaterinburg’s Chances to Host EXPO 2020

28 March 2013 (09:45)

March 28, 2013. A delegation headed by BIE Committee Chairperson Stein Christensen and Director-General Vicente Loscertales arrived in Yekaterinburg yesterday. The visit to the Urals’ capital was the 5th trip of the inspection committee around all the candidate cities that hope to host EXPO 2020.

‘The inspection committee looks into the facts that will later on be compiled into a very short document that won’t be judgmental in any way: we are not going to give any ratings. This document will state a plain ‘yes’ or ‘no’. If this is a ‘yes’, the country is a winner, if this is a ‘no’, it has lost,’ Christensen says.

According to the official, the name of the winning city will be announced to all the competitors simultaneously. The final decision on where to hold the 2020 exhibition will be made public in late November 2013.

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