Peru Defense Ministry visits Uralvagonzavod’s stand at SITDEF 2013

20 May 2013 (09:53)

May 20, 2013. Peru’s Deputy Defense Minister and Commander-in-Chief of the Army Forces gave a very high estimate of the T-90C tank in the course of their visit to Uralvagonzavod Scientific & Production Corporation’s stand at SITDEF 2013 arms exhibition in Lima. The T-90C tank was given a central place in the Russian exposition; it was presented at an indoor site and aroused a lot of interest from both the experts and simple visitors to the exhibition, Uralvagonzavod Corporation’s press service reports.

Commanding General of the Peruvian Army General Ricardo Moncada Novoa looked very closely at the T-90C’s potential and examined the tank both on the inside and on the outside. A presentation of the vehicle was also made for the students of the Tank Corps Academy, who looked at the Russian tank with great interest.

The Peruvian military have been thinking about this combat vehicle for a while now. The Russian tank is one of the world’s best in terms of value for money. In terms of combat and road performance, it is absolutely comparable with the latest armored vehicles produced by other countries and is even better than its counterparts in many respects. The T90C is totally suitable for combat at any time of the day and in extreme circumstances; it is highly reliable and has simple design of all the nodes and units, while the crew and maintenance experts training costs are very low. The T90C is now used by many of the world’s armed forces.

SITDEF 2013 will be on until May 18. In addition to the T90C stand, Uralvagonzavod Corporation is also featured as part of Russia’s pavilion.

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