Praxair Group to enter Titanium Valley

25 April 2013 (13:47)

April 25, 2013. A meeting of the Expert Council under the Russian Federation Ministry for Economic Development took place in Moscow today. The meeting was aimed at assessing the business plans proposed by the potential residents of the Titanium Valley Special Economic Zone – Urals’ Machines and Praxair Titanium Valley, the press service of the special economic zone project reports.

Now there are currently three registered residents in the Titanium Valley: Ural Optical Plant, Sinersis, and StroyDiesel-Composite. This means that about 10 hectares out of the 72 hectares allocated for the first stage of the special economic zone project are still available. All in all, over 50 foreign and Russian companies have taken an interest in the project, and about a half of them agreed to join the project after the infrastructure network is up and running in the valley.

It should be noted that Yekaterinburg-based StroyDorMash’s project has to do with the setting up of a bulldozer, loading truck, and graders manufacturing facility in the special economic zone. The Titanium Valley is also expected to become a home for metal-processing and welding facilities as well as for a coatings department and an assembly department.

This project requires a total of 564.6m RUR worth of investments. Lonking Holdings Limited and Bosch Rexroth of Moscow have been chosen as the strategic partners for the project. They will become the primary suppliers of foreign-produced nodes and components.

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