Special Economic Zone is Now Non-Existent, Titanium Valley DG Says

13 September 2011 (10:01)

As far as financing is concerned, we can only count on Sverdlovsk Region’s budget, and the next year’s budget covers some expenses related to the special economic zone Titanium Valley. However, we are trying to obtain some federal funds as well,’ the Director-General of Titanium Valley Artemy Kyzlasov said in an interview to Expert-Ural.

The promotion of this zone presupposes that one can already see something there, at least some temporary roads full of KamAZ trucks and bulldozers. All of the Titanium Valley potential residents that we talked to ask one and the same question: ‘Can we see the site?’ However, the Titanium Valley in its current state is an empty field without any signs of construction jobs going on. So our main efforts are now concentrated on the basic design work documentation and solutions,’ Kyzlasov added.

We’ll be on the lookout for residents next year; this will start with a road show series covering the countries of Europe, America, and Asia and with presenting the Titanium Valley project at large industrial exhibitions and sending out the information on the project through consulates, international industrial unions, and entrepreneurial associations,’ he said.

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