VSMPO-Avisma Corporation Might Quit Titanium Valley Project

VSMPO-Avisma Corporation does not think it impossible that it might leave the Titanium Valley Project. Even though it was the corporation itself that initiated the launch of this special economic zone, the company might actually start implementing its project outside this zone, using the land allotments belonging to VSMPO, the corporation’s Director-General Mikhail Voyevodin said in an interview to Novator.

Now only four residents have registered in Titanium Valley Special Economic Zone so far. The first section of the first stage of the construction has been nearly finished by now.

‘Yet when the time comes to choose a site for the new production facilities, we have to look at the plausibility of using an area for the construction purposes. To lay a brick in the foundation of the future facility in the Titanium Valley area, as they say, we must know precisely when and where the electric power will be supplied, when the water and heating will be supplied, and when the customs point will start operating. No such schedule exists at the moment. This is why, even though we were the driving force behind this project, we are not going to postpone the implementation of our plans and we will start building outside the zone, that is, on VSMPO’s land,’ Voyevodin explained.

‘Another factor that does not make things any easier is the lack of official information on how the new Governor really feels about the special economic zone. Then, there are some problems involving Titanium Valley Special Economic Zone Management Company. We do not interfere in its activity, and we are just waiting for the time being: if things start happening in the zone, we’ll play it by ear,’ Voyevodin stated.

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