Sinara Pipe Plant Completes Pipe-Rolling Mill Overhaul

29 November 2012 (10:05)

November 29, 2012. Sinara Pipe Plant successfully completed the scheduled overhaul of its Pipe-Rolling Mill TPA-140 that makes weldless hot-rolled pipes for the O&G industry, the enterprise’s press service reports.

All the repair jobs aimed at restoring the capacity of the equipment back to the designed parameters in order to ensure its infallible performance for the next two years were completed in a fortnight.

The overhaul involved modernizing the automatic control systems of the longitudinal pipe drawing mills; also, the lining and the metal structures inside the rotary hearth furnace were repaired and its bearing beams were replaced with new ones; finally, the gas-flowing machinery was repaired as well, alongside with the mechanical, electrical, and power machinery at TPA-140.

Sinara Repair & Technical Service Center acted as the general contractor for the project; the plant’s employees from the various departments and services also took part in the overhaul, as did OOO Mechanic & Foundry Plant, OOO SinaraProyekt, OOO SinaraPromService, and OOO SinaraRemStroy. Some other Ural Region-based organizations took part in the project as well, including OOO PO VELTA and OOO PSMK Group. For the first time ever, some diving operations were performed during the overhaul. Professional divers from OOO Aquatechnika inspected the dib hole in the scale pit. All in all, over 400 people were involved in the TPA-140 overhaul operations.

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