Deposit Insurance Agency: Ruble Deposits Go up 22% in Ural Federal District-Based Banks

11 March 2013 (09:33)

March 11, 2013. As of January 1, 2013, the volume of private individuals’ ruble deposits in Ural Federal District-based banks exceeded that of the foreign currency deposits by nearly three times. What is more, the ruble deposits increased by 22% (62.6bn RUR), the foreign currency ones (in ruble equivalents) rose by 8.2% (2.5bn RUR). If one does not take the declining foreign currency exchange rate (in nominal terms) into account, the volume of foreign currency deposits increased by 13.3% in 2012. When one does take the changes in the foreign currency exchange rate into account, the increase can be estimated at 21.1% for the entire Ural Federal District, Deposit Insurance Agency State Corporation’s report states.

As of January 1, 2013, the local ruble deposits amounted to 347.5bn RUR and foreign currency ones came to 33.4bn RUR.

If one breaks these data down by federal constituencies that make up Ural Federal District, the figures (as of January 1, 2013) look like this: the ruble deposits amounted to 96.1% in Kurgan Region, to 91.3% in Sverdlovsk Region, to 90.4% in Tyumen Region, and to 92.8% in Chelyabinsk Region.

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