Home Credit & Finance Bank’s Ex Employee Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison for Loan Fraud

1 March 2013 (14:37)

March 01, 2013. A former employee of Home Credit & Finance Bank Tatiana Tkachenko was sentenced to three years in prison for loan fraud by Alapayevsk Municipal Court, Sverdlovsk Region’s public prosecution authorities report.

The court detected that in June-September 2012, Tkachenko, then a loan officer at Home Credit & Finance Bank’s Alapayevsk subsidiary at Triline, used her access to the computer programs relating to issuing all kinds of loan agreements to deceive the customers who wanted to purchase something at the shop (Triline). She asked them to fill in a loan application form and e-mailed those to Home Credit & Finance Bank.

When the bank provided her with a request to postpone the processing of the application, the offender informed the applicants that the bank had refused to give them a loan. After that she used the victims’ personal data to draw up a loan contract, activated the credit card account, and stole the money from the bank accounts.

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