Work Team to Make Sure Japanese Agreements Come into Effect

February 26, 2013. A work team will be set up to make sure that the agreements reached in the course of Sverdlovsk Regionís officialsí recent visit to Japan get implemented. The work team will be chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Orlov. An order to this extent was issued by Governor Evgeny Kuivashev, the Governorís Information Policies Department reports.

The work team will comprise representatives of Sverdlovsk Regionís Ministries for Industry, Economics, and International & Foreign Economic Relations as well as members of the Mid-Urals Development Corporation.

It is announced that a number of agreements was reached in the course of the visit. For one, the possibility of introducing a direct flight from Yekaterinburg to Tokyo and of setting up Japanís representation in Sverdlovsk Region were considered during a meeting with Japanís Senior Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs Masaji Matsuyama.

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