Diesel Manufacturers Visit Lyudinovsky Locomotive Plant

20 February 2013 (09:33)

February 20, 2013. A delegation comprising the representatives of such diesel engine manufacturing enterprises as the German FEV GmbH and Ural Diesel Motor Plant (a member of Sinara Transport Machines) paid a visit to Lyudinovsky Locomotive-Making Plant (a member of Sinara Transport Machines).

The visitors took a look at the company’s production departments and got acquainted with the process of the machines’ technological assembly and diesel installation. The FEV GmbH and Ural Diesel Motor Plant representatives also expressed an interest in the new carriage rolling stock designs elaborated by Sinara Transport Machines’ Innovational Development Center. Then, the engineers talked about the requirements Lyudinovsky Locomotive-Making Plant sets for the diesel engines that will be used in the new locomotive types.

Over the last few years, Lyudinovsky Locomotive-Making Plant has added six new types of vehicles to its range of traction rolling stock. Most locos come with the engines supplied by Ural Diesel Motor Plant. At the moment, the enterprise is working on a new family of high-speed diesel engines that could be used for Lyudinovsky Locomotive-Making Plant’s locos.

Ural Diesel Motor Plant has been working on this new family of high-speed diesel engines since February 2012 within the framework of a federal government-funded program called the National Technological Base. Russia and the world’s leading diesel makers, including FEV GmbH, are used as consultants in this project.

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