SinTZ Buys Mobile Lab for Air Quality Tests

1 February 2013 (12:18)

February 1, 2013. Sinara Pipe Plant/SinTZ (a member of Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK)), purchased a modern mobile lab in order to test the quality of air samples. The machinery was supplied within the framework of SinTZ and Sinara TransAuto’s joint investment project, and its purpose is to reduce the company’s environmental impact, the enterprise’s press officer reports.

This mobile environmental lab is a portable analytical facility comprising a gas-analyzing and meteorological units as well as a system for collecting, processing, and transferring data and the facilities for getting air samples. This kind of equipment is unique to Kamensk-Uralsky and is the closest to perfection kind among its counterparts that can be currently found in Sverdlovsk Region, the press release says.

Thanks to this mobile lab, the plant’s environmental protection department’s experts will be able promptly and accurately to establish the concentration of pollutants in the air and to control the meteorological parameters within the plant’s sanitary protection zone as well as to analyze the available data in the stationary chemical analysis labs, the press release states.

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