SinTZ Keeps Upgrading Its Firefighting Team’s Equipment

January 23, 2013. Sinara Pipe Plant (SinTZ), a member of Pipe Metallurgical Company/TMK, is now investing in the technological upgrades of its company firefighting team in order to improve the working conditions and reinforce the professional skills of the firemen, TMK’s press officer reports.

Thanks to some help from the plant’s management, the firefighters got 10 new Omega-1 breathing apparatuses, 5 life-saving apparatuses, and 7 Yermak-18 knapsack tanks. What is more, in 2012, eight firefighters were trained through a first-level rescue rangers course at the Federal Firefighting Service’s educational center in Yekaterinburg.

‘Our emergency departments get upgraded in order for the company to get modern, flexible, and efficient emergency preventing and response system,’ says SinTZ Managing Director Sergey Chetverikov.

SinTZ firefighting team was set up in January 1989. Their duties are: dealing with fires, accidents, and emergencies, personnel drills, organizing firefighting pickets at places where welding and similar operations take place, as well as at production departments and administrative quarters of the company. The team is responsible not only for the plant but also for the surrounding area: the villages of Severny and Kremlevka.

SinTZ pays special attention to the technical equipment of the firefighting team. In late 2011, for example, a new firefighting vehicle was purchased, while this year, 23 firemen will undergo training programs, 10 more Omega-1 and 5 more life-saving apparatuses will be bought as well as 5 Yermak-18 knapsack tanks.

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