Uralvagonzavod’s Net Profit Grows 26% in 2012

25 December 2012 (09:34)

December 25, 2012. Uralvagonzavod management’s end-of-year meeting with the directors of daughter enterprises and affiliated companies took place in Moscow recently; the meeting was chaired by the corporation’s Director-General Oleg Sienko.

The participants commented on the expected positive financial and economic performance indicators for the year 2012. For one, the projected revenues from the sales of goods and services are expected to come to 125.357bn RUR (according to the company’s consolidated financial report), and, given the performance results of affiliated companies, it will probably exceed 200bn RUR. The company’s EBITDA will amount to 20.291bn RUR, its EBITDA margin will come to 16.2%, and the net profit is forecast to reach 12.126bn RUR.

The corporation did considerably better in 2012 than in 2011: its sales revenues rose by 44%, its sales profit increased by 21%, and its net profit went up by 26%. All in all, the company’s revenues, EBITDA, and net profit doubled over 2010-2012.

Uralvagonzavod is thus expected to confirm its 38.8% share of the Russian railway carriage-building market and its 23% share of the CIS market in 2012. The company produced nearly 28,000 railway carriages in 2012 altogether, which is 12% better than the target figures for the year.

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