500m RUR Allocated from Budget to Build Titanium Valley

January 24, 2013 Governor Evgeny Kuivashev allocated 500m RUR to build the Titanium Valley special economic zone; the project is now being presented in Davos, Governor of Sverdlovsk Region’s Information Politics Department reports.

At the moment, the construction of the main natural gas pipeline (which will be 8.5 km long and 500mm wide) began in the Titanium Valley; also, the construction headquarters are being set up, and a 6-5km-long fence is being built. In addition, some of the facilities are about to be connected to the electric power supply networks, and a 110/10 substation with the capacity of up to 40 megawatt is being put up.

In 2013, the Titanium Valley Management Company is expected to commission the infrastructure necessary to launch the production facilities of the valley’s first residents. The 500m RUR provided by the Governor from the region’s budget are supposed to be spent on this. By the end of the year, the valley will have obtained access to natural gas, electric power, water supply and discharge, a customs point, and a number of new roads.

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