Denis Pasler: Titanium Valley’s Infrastructure Issues Settled

28 March 2013 (09:46)

March 28, 2013. All the issues related to the Titanium Valley’s infrastructure have been settled, but another 1.3bn RUR is needed to finish the project off, Sverdlovsk Region Government Prime Minister Denis Pasler said at a press conference today.

According to the region’s government’s Vice Premier, the final sum intended for the implementation of the Titanium Valley Project shrank by 20% to 25% against the original figure. The special economic zone’s first residents are expected to come to the valley in late 2013.

‘We need another 1.3bn RUR to finally settle all the issues relating to the Titanium Valley; we are going to apply for the allocation of the sum to the Sverdlovsk Region Legislative Assembly deputies,’ Pasler said.

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