Heating Rates to Go up 17% in Sverdlovsk Region Next Summer

2 November 2012 (17:56)

November 2, 2012. Sverdlovsk Region Energy Committee’s Board meeting resulted in the adoption of the price rates for 2013, Sverdlovsk Region Government’s Press Service & Information Administration reports.

According to the forecasts, rates are expected to remain the same in the first half of 2013, so the end user prices will remain the same as in December 2012. On July 1, 2013, the rates will be adjusted in accordance with the economically justified expenses of the energy sector enterprises – within the maximum rate growth indices set for Sverdlovsk Region by the Federal Tariff Service. According to preliminary estimates, the cold water supply and removal rates and the heating supply rates are expected to go up by 13% and 17%, respectively. These are the median figures for the whole region.

It was noted in the course of the Board meeting that the final decisions on the scale of the rates would be taken in November and December 2012.

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