Housing Prices in Yekaterinburg Reach 69,561 RUR on Average

30 November 2012 (10:01)

November 30, 2012. Prices on Yekaterinburg existing homes market kept going up for the eleven months of 2012, Ural Chamber of Real Estate Reports.

Housing prices have risen by 9% since January. According to the Chamber’s Analytical Department, the median price of a sq m of housing in the flats available for sale came to 63,836 RUR in December 2011 and reached 69,561 RUR in November 2012. The prices increased most dynamically in the spring and the fall. On average, figures go up by 0.2% a week, even though the figures for last week went up by 0.5%. As a result, the flat prices went back to their pre-recession level in most market segments and exceeded this level in certain segments as well.

Also, the customers have also become more active in the fall. The Federal State Registration & Cadastre Service reports that the number of purchase and sale agreements relating to Yekaterinburg-based flats rose by 5% in nine months of 2012 on a year earlier, even though it was the year 2011 that witnessed the record number of purchase and sale agreements on the existing homes market in Yekaterinburg.

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