Housing Prices in Yekaterinburg Still Grow 0.2% a Week

15 November 2012 (09:28)

November 15, 2012. According to Ural Chamber of Real Estate’s Analytics Department, housing prices in Yekaterinburg have gone up by 8.4% since the beginning of the year. For the last three months, prices have been growing by about 0.2% a week. On November 12, 2012, the median price of a square meter of flats offered for sale on the existing homes market amounted to 69,187 RUR, Ural Chamber of Real Estate’s press service reports.

At the same time, the supply has tended to grow steadily over the last two months. On average, the Chamber’s database expanded by 0.5% a week. The number of flats offered for sale has grown by 5% since September. All in all, the customer’s choice has widened by 38%, or 2,000 flats since the beginning of the year. Sellers are currently putting about 7,200 apartments up for sale through the Chamber, with 550 to 650 more places added weekly.

The customers became more active in the fall, too. According to Sverdlovsk Region division of the Federal State Registration, Cadastre, and Map-Making Service, 5% more of sale and purchase agreements was registered in Yekaterinburg in nine months of 2012 compared with a year earlier. Remarkably, it was precisely the year 2011 that broke the record for the number of deals landed on the existing homes market.

As for the size of apartments, the prices of one-bedroom ones grew the fastest: these went up by 0.9% in four weeks and reached 69,085 RUR per sq m. Studios grew 0.6% more expensive, with the price coming to 76,865 RUR per sq m on average. The prices of two-bedroom apartments and bigger places rose simultaneously by 0.5%, with prices coming to 66,647 RUR and 70,239 RUR per sq m, respectively.

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