NTIIM Reconstruction to Take Nizhniy Tagil Exhibition to New Level

28 November 2012 (09:37)

November 28, 2012. The reconstruction and improvements of Nizhny Tagil Institute of Metal Testing (NTIIM) demonstration facilities will mean that the traditional arms exhibition in Nizhniy Tagil will be taken to a totally new level, Governor Evgeny Kuivashev said on November 26 during a field meeting of Sverdlovsk Region Government’s Presidium. The meeting was dedicated to Nizhniy Tagil’s socioeconomic development, the Governor’s Information Policies Department reports.

The Governor said that changes should affect not only the material and technical aspects of the exhibition but also the organization of meeting/greeting/hosting visitors to the fair and foreign delegations.

NTIIM Director-General Valeriy Rudenko says a list of projects that will change the image of the exhibition greatly has already been made. For one, Checkpoint Severny will be reconstructed and fitted with one more anteroom and a maintenance center room. The testing piste will also look different, while the battlefield will be fitted with radio-controlled stationary and moving targets. Also, a business center with a 500-seat conference room will be put up, as well as a presentation center for arms and vehicles, one more pavilion, and an additional entrance to the area. Finally, a new helicopter landing fit for three Mi-8 helicopters will appear. Modern lighting systems will make it possible for the military aircraft to take off and land even at nighttime.

What is more, a unique on-site information center is about to be compete; this center will make it possible to do field vide-tape editing, perform conference interpreting into several languages at once, and do Internet broadcasting of the vehicle performance.

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