Building Supplies Sales on the Increase in Sverdlovsk Region

27 November 2012 (09:44)

November 27, 2012. The development of Sverdlovsk Region building industry’s production base is becoming ever more noticeable: new building materials-manufacturing facilities are opening in the region, and the total production output of building materials is growing. So far, about 13.5bn RUR has been invested in the industry, Sverdlovsk Region Government Press Service & Information Administration reports.

In order to expand and modernize production, Sverdlovsk Region is implementing a program on the development of Sverdlovsk Region building industry’s production in 2011-2015; the program provides for large-scale efforts aimed at attracting foreign investment into the industry so as to set up production facilities for making modern, energy- and resource-efficient buildings materials, goods, and framework.

It’s worth noting that the output of cement, bricks, wall components, ceramic floor and wall tiles and non-metallic building supplies rose significantly over the last ten months: the production output figures exceeded the previous maximum ones by 16%.

‘The launch of up-to-date, energy-efficient building materials production facilities in Sverdlovsk Region makes it possible to cut down on costs and improve on the quality of the materials we produce as well as enhance the environmental friendliness and energy efficiency of our buildings and cut down on construction costs,’ says the Director of Sverdlovsk Region Building Industry Union Yuri Chumerin.

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