Yekaterinburg might feel shortage of building materials in two years’ time, claims Union of Sverdlovsk Region Builders

1 December 2006 (11:20)

‘If we don’t start putting production facilities right now, Yekaterinburg might feel the shortage of building materials in two years’ time,’ the Executive Director of Sverdlovsk Region Union of Building Enterprises Yuri Chumerin announced at the press conference of the Union of Sverdlovsk Region Builders.

According to Mr Chumerin, it is necessary to raise the production output of cement, insulating stuffs, and concrete components. The technological efficiency of the construction process can also be questioned, as Mr Chumerin believes very few local building enterprises have mastered the most advanced and recent technologies so far. Most of them still prefer the traditional schemes. Yet the use of new technologies would enhance the labour efficiency by five to ten times.

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