Evgeny Kuivashev Elected Chairman of Titanium Valley Supervisory Board

13 February 2013 (09:35)

February 13, 2013. Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Evgeny Kuivashev was elected Chairman of the Titanium Valley Special Economic Zone’s Supervisory Board on February 12. The same meeting resulted in electing Deputy Chairman and Executive Secretary, the Governor’s Information Policies Department reports.

Kuivashev’s candidacy was supported by all the Supervisory Board members present at the meeting. The attendees elected Sverdlovsk Region Vice Premier Alexei Orlov as the Deputy Chairman, while Director-General of the Titanium Valley Special Economic Zone Artemy Kyzlasov was elected Executive Secretary.

‘The Titanium Valley had a somewhat prolonged start, due to a number of external reasons, of course, mainly to do with insufficient financing. Now that we have the federal authorities’ support, we must speed up all the preparation work as much as we can,’ Kuivashev said.

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