Bridge over Nadym Built 20% Faster Than Planned

12 November 2012 (09:27)

November 12, 2012. The construction of the bridge across the River Nadym is proceeding faster than planned: at the moment, the builders are 20% ahead of schedule.

This construction project is part of the infrastructure program called Northern Latitudinal Railway that is now being implemented by Development Corporation. The bridge will combine a railway and a highway, with the same supports for both.

According to the Director-General of the contractor company Mostostroy-12 Vitaly Dmitriyev, this bridge will be the largest transport infrastructure facility in the Nadym area. The length of the bridge will come to 1,320 meters, while its median traffic capacity is estimated at 3,000 cars a day.

The builders have already put up more than a half of all supports and are now assembling all the decks.

‘We started working on one of the most elements of the bridge – the so-called launching of the highway. In short, it means that a segment of decking is assembled and welded on a special slipway; then the 185-meter-long and 10-meter-wide structure is placed onto the supports and it thus gives way to the next piece on the slipway, where the next segment of the bridge is assembled. The operation has to be repeated until all the 1,300 meters connect the two banks of the Nadym,’ Dmitriyev says.

It’s worth noting that the speed of the workers’ performance does not affect the quality of the bridge. In addition to the highly skilled employees of Mostostroy-12, technicians from the well-known engineering company DB International are monitoring the process on a daily basis. DB International is in charge of the independent technical supervision of the project.

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