Development Corporation: Bridge across Nadym gets built ahead of schedule

27 April 2012 (18:08)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, April 25, 2012. One year ago, Mostostroy 12 was chosen as the general contractor for putting up a bridge across the River Nadym in the course of a tender coordinated by Development Corporation (formerly known as The Industrial Urals-The Polar Urals Corporation).

The corporation reports the construction began in September 2011, and the bridge is expected to be launched as soon as December 2014. However, the construction process is already ahead of schedule.

The supervising companies’ representatives say they are satisfied with both the quality and the tempo of the process.

‘We do not often see such efficient organization of work as this one, given especially that the construction is taking place in a challenging climate zone, in the High North. We got very favorable impressions from the site, and DBI experts are happy with not only the speed but also the quality of the building process,’ a representative of DB International (the company in charge of independent technical supervision of the bridge-building) says.

Now the bridge across the River Nadym is part of the Northern Passageway connecting Northern Railways (at Obskaya Station) with Sverdlovsk Region Railways (at Korotchayevo Station). This bridge will provide the shortest transit of crude hydrocarbons westwards and of goods that make life and work of Yamal locals easier eastwards.

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