UralCryoMash’s New Cisterns Undergo Certification Procedures

7 November 2012 (09:45)

November 7, 2012. The new 15–558S–03 cisterns of UralCryoMash (a member of Uralvagonzavod Corporation) underwent certification testing, the Corporation’s press service reports.

The 15–558S–03 cisterns are meant for transporting liquid oxygen and are a new generation model in the Nizhniy Tagil-based company’s cryogenic cisterns range. UralCryoMash is currently Russia’s only manufacturer of this kind of produce. Two pilot samples have been made so far, tested successfully, and presented to the customer. In November, UralCryoMash experts are expected to get compliance certificates for the new cisterns, and at that point, they can be shipped to the customer.

It was Roscosmos that acted as the customer for the new cistern. The new make is different from the older 15–558S–01 in that it was custom-made to meet specific needs. The primary proviso was increasing its volume capacity and fitting in the railway sizing requirements at the same time. Also, Uralvagonzavod’s basic platform – a railway platform with two 18-100 bogie trucks – had to be used. The company designers met all of these demands successfully; it took them about nine months to develop and produce the new make.

As a result, the freight volume went up by 5 m3, from 44 to 49.1 m3. The internal cistern diameter now comes to 2,600mm against the older model’s 2,200 mm, the outer cistern diameter comes to 3,200 mm. Fiber-vacuum insulation is used between the internal and the outer cisterns; the design of the fittings section that includes the mechanisms for emptying and filling in the vessel and for the gasification of oxygen has been changed radically. Also, some protective screens were installed to enhance the product safety.

The company hopes that these makes will become increasingly popular in the future (thanks to the Vostochny space airfield development project for 2012-2015, for one).

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