15,000 Workers to Get Flu Shots at Uralvagonzavod

31 October 2012 (17:19)

October 31, 2012. Uralvagonzavod Scientific & Production Corporation has launched its annual flu shots campaign; this will last till mid-November, with 15,000 workers expected to go through immunization by that time.

The company purchased Grippol+, a flu vaccine meant for adults. Uralvagonzavod has been using this vaccine for a few years now. For one, 10,000 workers got their shots last year, which resulted in a dramatic decrease in the number of those who went down with flu. In 2012, the total number will be 5,000 people more. Just like before, those in the risk group – the transportation sector, the catering sector, and the medical unit employees – are the first to get immunized.

The shots are free for the company workers. Doctors believe that these measures will help avoid an epidemic this year, just like a year earlier.

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