5.5bn RUR to Be Invested in Sverdlovsk Region Forestry

Sverdlovsk Region timber industry enterprises would like to join the priority forestry development program that provides for 5.422bn RUR worth of investments in 2012-2018.

‘We are working on a number of promising investment projects at the moment, and their implementation will facilitate the regional timber industry reaching a new technological height,’ says Sverdlovsk Region Industry & Science Ministry’s Timber Industry Director Vyacheslav Tyumentsev.

He said that four projects were currently selected to be put on the priority list.
The first project is a molded stock plant with the lumbering and logging production cycles that will be based on the premises of Ural Timber Company in Sverdlovsk Region.
The second project is setting up a facility for the production of toilet paper rolls at Tura Pulp & Paper Plant.
The third one has to do with the construction of a timber-cutting and wood-processing facility on the premises of modernized Sotrinsky Forestry and the introduction of new timber technologies for the production of lumber and firewood in Krasnoglynniy, Serov District, Sverdlovsk Region. This project is coordinated by OOO Lesnikov.
Finally, the fourth project is the introduction of a modern lumber-processing full-cycle facility in Krasnouralsk and Kushva. The cycle will cover everything from felling trees to producing timber, chipboards, wood pellets, and charcoal. This project is coordinated by OOO Ecoles.

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