Sverdlovsk Region: 69.8% of overdue tax payments get collected

24 September 2015 (09:10)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, September 24, 2015. The overall amount of past-due tax payments, fines, tax penalties, Uniform Social Tax payments, and payments to non-state, non-budgetary funds decreased by 942m RUR, or 2.9% in Sverdlovsk Region last month and thus amounted to 31,566m RUR on September 1, 2015, the local division of Russia's Federal Tax Service reports.

This means that the amount of past-due tax payments went down by 516m RUR (2.3%) and came to 22,408m RUR all in all, while that of past-due fines and tax penalties went down by 426m RUR (4.5%) and came to 8,948m RUR altogether.

'Some 584 payment requests, amounting to 20.846bn RUR all in all, were directed to taxpayers since the start of the year. Over a half of these are requests relating to private property tax payments (around 1.4% of the overall amount of taxes due),' says head of the division's debt settlement and bankruptcy department Artem Balyura.

As of early September, the debt collection efficiency quotient came to 69.8%.

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