VUZ-Bank: Money Order Turnover to Double

20 September 2011 (09:34)

VUZ-Bank handled over 73,000 money order transactions that do not require the opening of a bank account in the eight months of 2011. The amount of money handled reached over 1bn RUR. In 2010, the bank only processed 40,500 transactions, with the amount of money coming to 700m RUR.

We can by now say that the bank’s forecasts made early on in the year regarding the doubling of the instant money order transactions volume are coming true, VUZ-Bank reports.

The bank currently works with Western Union, Quick Mail, Migom, Unistream, and Golden Crown systems, all of which allow a customer to transfer money (rubles, euros, or dollars) around Russia, the CIS member states, the Baltic states, and the countries of the far abroad quickly and inexpensively.

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