URBD Launches Investment E-Guide in Yekaterinburg

October 19 The Ural Bank for Reconstruction & Development now runs a regular rubric on Yekaterinburg online portal called E1.ru. Any user can now learn about what unit investment funds are and about how they operate, get professional advice on shaping one’s portfolio, on risk calculation, and on choosing an investment strategy from the URBD’s two highly skilled experts: Head of the Finance & Investment Services Department Vladimir Zotov and the Investment Services Director Maxim Golubkov, the bank’s press office reports.

This rubric also offers detailed information on the UBRD SuperUIFmarket – a ‘department store for unit investment funds’.

‘The clever investment of one’s personal savings is a relevant topic for our customers, yet people do no always have enough expertise, skills, or experience. Besides, so many options are now available on the market - how does one assess them and how does one evaluate the efficiency of these options? That is the question. And we are willing to help users find the answer to this question,’ Vladimir Zotov says.

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