UBRD Mutual Investment Funds Performance Improves

December 19, 2012. 33 mutual investment funds presented by the Ural Bank for Reconstruction & Development at the SuperMIFmarket improved their performance between December 1, 2011 and December 1, 2012.

‘Non-specialized funds, retirement funds, and natural gas and oil funds proved the most profitable over one year,’ the bank’s press service reports.

Three mutual investment funds’ profitability ratio was over 11%; these are ‘Volkhonka Bonds Fund’ managed by the Bank of Moscow Management Company (12.1%), VTB Treasury Fund (11.73%), and Uralsib Conservative Fund (11.28%). At the same time, the UBRD’s highest deposit rate was 12% over the same period.

‘These performance figures prove that the demand for alternative savings instruments (like mutual investment funds, for example) is growing among our bank’s customers. Indeed, the profit one could make on bank deposits is currently comparable with that one is offered from investing in funds; the bank deposits are also guaranteed by the state, but, as the post-recession economy recovers, as the inflation goes down, and as the deposit interest rates decline as a result, mutual investment funds will become increasingly popular,’ says the UBRD Financial Institutions & Investment Services Director Vladimir Zotov.

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