Sinara loco tested in Sverdlovsk Region

19 April 2011 (09:23)

The freight electric locomotive Granite No. 002 (2ES10 Series) traveled from Yekaterinburg-Sortirovochny to Pervouralsk with a 7,000-kg train attached to it. Senior Vice President of Russian Railways Valentin Gapanovitch and the General Director of Ural Locomotives (Sinara Group) Alexander Saltayev made the trip in the driver’s cabin, Sinara Group’s PR Center reports.

The new freight loco with an asynchronous traction gear of the 2ES10 Series is unique not only to Russia but also to the entire 1520 area. This model is particularly strong and enjoys enhanced locomotive power. Despite its rather standard weight parameters, the machine can drive trains that are 40% to 50% heavier than those the usual locos of the VL11 Series can handle.

At the end of the first trip in the Ural Locomotives-made loco, Valentin Gapanovitch spoke very highly of Granite’s potential for the heavy-weight industry’s development.

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