TMK Ships Pipes for Underwater Pipelines in the Caspian Sea

October 17 OAO Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK) started its shipments of pipe products for the construction of underwater pipelines at Vladimir Filanovsky oil and gas deposit in the northern part of the Caspian Sea. The deposit is now being developed by Lukoil. The Malaysian Bumi Armada Berhard and the Italian SAIPEM S.p.A. won the tenders for the construction of the pipelines.

The oil and the natural gas underwater pipelines that will connect Filanovsky deposit and Korchagin deposit (also operated by Lukoil) will be built by Bumi Armada Caspian, a subdivision of the Malaysian Bumi Armada Berhard, while Saipem S.p.A. will work on the oil and the natural gas underwater pipelines connecting Filanovsky deposit with the outflow point on the coast in Kalmykia.

In June 2012, TMK signed its contract with Bumi Armada Caspian for the delivery of line pipes for the project. In August 2012, the first shipment of weldless line pipes with an outer three-layer polyethylene coating was delivered from Volzhsky Pipe Plant (VTZ), a part of TMK. All in all, TMK plans to deliver about 12,000 tons of line pipes ranging in diameter from 114.3mm to 660mm by April 2013 in order to fulfill Bumi Armada Caspian’s order.

In addition, TMK signed a contract with Saipem S.p.A. for the delivery of 58,000 tons of longitudinally welded pipes in July 2012; the pipes are needed to built an underwater natural gas pipeline with the diameter of 711mm, wall width 25.4mm, and with an outer three-layer polyethylene coating out of X65 steel. In September 2012, TMK shipped its first batch of 2,100 tons of pipes to the site. Over 10,000 tons of pipes are expected to be delivered in October 2012.

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