Deceived Private Investors’ Problems to Be Sorted Out by New Year

25 September 2012 (09:28)

No deceived private investors who lost their money in housing schemes will be left in Sverdlovsk Region by the start of 2013, the region’s Construction & Infrastructure Development Minister Dmitri Niskovskikh said today, Governor of Sverdlovsk Region’s PR Department reports.

Today, the region’s Governor Evgeny Kuivashev and Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Security & Anti-Corruption Committee Alexander Khinshtein visited a construction site in Uktus, where as many as four new apartment buildings are being put up.

The building jobs are not being done fast enough, as an examination by a board of experts revealed that the main structures need to be fortified. Until this has been done, no other building or modeling jobs can be done. 1.9bn RUR is needed to finish the buildings. One of the buildings is actually being put up for sale: the money is expected to be spent on finishing the buildings with apartments for the 405 families of deceived private investors. Over 200 families have been waiting for the buildings to be finished for over six years now.

Evgeny Kuivashev assured the future dwellers that the regional authorities are keeping an eye on the progress of the projects, and will continue to monitor the development of affairs. He also promised to draw the regional prosecution authorities’ attention to the situation so that the latter could provide an evaluation of the developer’s actions from the legal viewpoint.

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