Industrial World Exhibition Opens in Moscow

15 September 2017 (14:34)

The Industrial World. Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant Collection Exhibition will open in Moscow’s Multimedia Art Museum (MAMM) on September 15. The exhibition features works by Soviet artists active in the twenties to the eighties and works by two contemporary artists; the genre is industrial photography and art installations. The exhibition is coordinated by the museum and ChTPZ Group in celebration of the plant’s 75th anniversary. This is the first time exhibits from the plant’s company collection (over 450 canvases and graphic art items) will be presented to the general public. The exhibition is open through October 22.

‘The original ‘art chronicles’ of the Soviet metallurgical industry were first pieced together in the nineties and are now a collection of works by the 20th century’s prominent artists. We are putting the collection on public display at MAMM for the first time this year. Works by the Soviet artists, mingled with photographs, installations, and other contemporary art pieces, represent the dialogue between the ‘old’ industrial and postindustrial epochs and show the spectators how both the industrial world and an artist themselves have changed,’ says ChTPZ Group’s shareholder Andrei Komarov.

The exhibition features works by such acknowledged artists as Aristarkh Lentulov, Alexander Labas, Moisey Feigin, Nikolay Dormidontov, Yekaterina Zernova, Petr Kotov, Pavel Sokolov-Skalya, Leonid Feinberg, Max Birstein, and many others. All the pieces in the exhibition have to do with industrialization, a crucial theme in the 20th century art, and represent the development of an entire era in the history of Russian art. They also show the history of Russian metallurgical industry through an artist’s eyes.

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